Facilitation Services

ZOPA Consulting works with individuals and teams to examine, identify, and confront the root causes of conflict. We will co-create a path and a plan to move through the challenges that includes mutual responsibility, accountability, and commitment to lasting transformation. Does that sound idealistic? Maybe, especially if you’re in the tornado of conflict yourself. But if we’re willing to believe in the possibility of resolution, isn’t that better than living in the certainty of strife?

Our approach combines the modalities of coaching, mediation, and facilitation. It’s intended to create a safe space for difficult conversations about differences and clashes in the workplace and in communities. We can work proactively to strengthen your Communication Capacity before challenges escalate. Or we can partner reactively to de-escalate and work through interpersonal problems that are here and now.

While every client and situation are different, we’ll follow a simple outline. The presenting challenge is the catalyst for the process; each step is designed to further clarify the root issue.

  1. Identify and gather the stakeholders
  2. Listen to individual perspectives
  3. Clarify the core issues
  4. Determine what change we want to see and why
  5. Explore opportunities and roadblocks to change
  6. Identify options that will lead to resolution or agreement
  7. Agree on a plan forward
  8. Establish definitions of success
  9. Create an agreement that details the process, including explicit statements of mutual responsibility and accountability
  10. Follow up as needed, both about the situation and to build skills/capacity

While the process might vary to accommodate different circumstances, this outline represents the overall approach whether the situation involves two, twenty, or two hundred people. Along the way, strategies for healthy, respectful communication will be introduced, modeled, practiced, and encouraged, so that participants emerge with the skills to sustain their agreements.


Are you ready to explore the possibilities?