Resilient Leader Immersion Program

The Resilient Leader Immersion Program

Isolation – or “the dangerous disconnect” – is one of the biggest challenges leaders face. It follows, then, that one of the keys to resilient leadership is being in community and learning about oneself through engagement with others. This 8-month immersion program is designed to offer that experience in a safe, supportive space that uses a range of frameworks to build personal resilience and sustainability. Your clarified motivations and values become the foundation for your journey, and your journey is expanded and enriched through interconnectedness with others. Individual and group exploration results in renewed energy for your important work; deeper self-awareness and sense of purpose; sharper communication, leadership and relationship skill sets; and a one-of-a-kind personal leadership “owner’s manual” that serves as a roadmap for continued growth and learning.


  • Presence: Clear understanding of personal leadership presence and style, with strengths and growth edges identified
  • Awareness: Deepened awareness of core values and a plan for aligning with those values
  • Capacity: Enhanced ability to navigate change and uncertainty with more resilience, empathy, compassion, and internal resources
  • Tools: Facility with a range of change management and resilience tools that can be applied to self, colleagues, or teams
  • Relationships: Expanded leadership aptitude that includes improved communication, listening, trust-building, boundary setting, and coaching skills

Designed for

  • Solopreneurs + Small Biz Owners
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Coaches and Counselors
  • Nonprofit leaders or sector-specific leaders

Number of Participants in a Single Cohort

Maximum 10, minimum 6 (ideally all sharing a similar role or life-cycle stage in their respective organizations or businesses)

Estimated Time Commitment for Participants

8-month program assumes: 3-4 “real time” hours/month. 2.5 additional days in Oct, Jan, April. 4-6 hours of personal reflection/journaling/“homework” time/month.

Overall Process Delivery – 8-months, Oct-May (or Jan-Aug)

  • 3 In-Person Off-Site Retreats (Oct/Jan/Apr or Jan/Apr/July, 2.5 day each)
  • Monthly Virtual Learning/Accountability calls OR in-person meetings
    (2-3 hours; collaborative learning + sharing)
  • Weekly Top-of-Mind Emails
  • Resource Guide/Journal (incl. “Third Things”), incl. use of online shared space/DayOne app or other collaborative tool
  • Individual Coaching (8 sessions)